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There are many different roles available, and for each one you will need to be able to show that you have the type of skills or experience that will allow you to be a success.

However, of equal, if not more importance, will be what you can bring as an individual.

We need you to have thought carefully about the role and its context. We need you to be flexible and willing to adapt to changing circumstances. When it comes to problem solving you should be able to and think and operate ‘out of the box’, taking personal responsibility as circumstances evolve. It’s what we can each achieve for our communities that counts right now.

So apart from being motivated to bring positive change both now and in the future, we will need you to be able to demonstrate that you will genuinely care for our residents, many of whom are having to deal with overwhelming personal issues. Regardless of the role, we are looking for people who are capable of showing sensitivity to the needs of individuals and the situation faced by the community as a whole.

We need your professional approach, your skills and an attitude that fits the circumstances. This, along with your resilience to work under pressure and alongside personal tragedy, will give you inner strength and confidence. You know, that whatever you achieve in your new role will aid the overall workflow, the individuals concerned and of course the community as a whole.

We need you to go home each night completely satisfied that you have done your best.

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